Recipe:Stu Split Pea Sanityogen Soup

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The "recipe" has long been a critical arrow in my quiver for those times when I might be dealing with people who might find themselves in somewhat fragile states.

At least ninety minutes before people might want soup, open one tube of Manischewitz Split Pea Soup Mix for every two to three people who might be eating. The recipe on the tube works just fine, and scales to dozens of tubes. I prefer to cook the soup, on a low simmer, for at least an hour more than the recipe lists, to make it a silky smooth soup.

The nice thing about this particular soup is that you can keep it simmering for many, many hours. Keep replacing whatever water simmers off; even if it reduces to a paste, you can reconstitute it back to the same salty proteinaceous deliciousness.

The tubes will also last for years in your cabinets.

As a support system for those who might experience moments of fragility, I leave a large pot of it simmering slowly on the stove. If someone is feeling a little challenged, I ask them if they can do me a small favor and " ... give the soup a stir. Maybe add a cup of water if it's too thick?".

So they go and stir the soup, happy to have something useful and pleasant to do, and it's steamy and silky to stir, and delicious smelling, and they think : "Hey, when I have an appetite, I can eat some of this.".

And so they feel better.