Recipe:Erowid Baked Polenta Chunks

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Unedited or properly considered draft, but I was totally flummoxed that we did not have this recipe in here.

boil 6 cups water
3 cups rough corn meal
some salt
oil or butter
maybe bouillon to alter base flavor
half pound of grated sharp cheddar

oiled baking tray
pour in, cool for as long as possible (4-24 hours it's very solid, can store for a weeks in fridge)

slice with plastic spatula into shapes (squares, triangles, etc) and place on hot baking tray or on grill.  better on the grill if both sides are a little oily to start (so oil top of firmed polenta)
 tried with mild hatch red chile on part before solidifying to incorporate in top edge
bake or grill until all edges are crispy chewy
serve with sauce or topped with fresh salsa, goat or cheddar cheese
served at Vessel