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Convincing Our Kids.

I told my six-year-old daughter about Solstmas, and we talked about different possible Solstmas decorations, agreeing that we liked flaming eyeballs and flying pigs. But she was afraid that Santa wasn't going to find our house if the Christmas decorations weren't put up. I explained that we could still put up Christmas decorations, and that Solstmas was just a longer all-encompasing holiday. She didn't seem convinced. I said, "Well, your cousin celebrates Chanukah, and he gets gifts for each of the days of that holiday. What if Solstmas came with a gift on each day too?" She warmed up to THAT idea. (What had I foolishly gotten myself into?) In order to keep the costs down, I decided to give her a new colorful polished rock for each day of Solstmas. So far it has been a good solution; perhaps a new Solstmas tradition?

I like the idea of small, colorful, inexpensive gifts for each day of Solstmas. However, I do think that some days should be marked off as "gluttony days" when great big gifts are given, and huge, pants-straining meals are provided. --Gurustu 19:22, 23 December 2005 (PST)