The Myth of the Two Party Solution

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The Two Party Solution This is a mythical story about a Solstmas long long ago. In a small town in Poland once upon a time there were was this little restaurant that had a big party planned for new years eve. Now a month beforehand all of a sudden they received dozens of rsvps that had been held up in the mail (see The myth of the lost mail sleigh in the blizzard ). All of a sudden they had way to many people coming to the restraunt and had no clue of what to do. Luckily one of the cooks at the restaurant had made it to 5th grade and she had a brilliant thought! Why not have two parties! When has a problem been not solved by more parties?!?! It was realized that a party two days earlier would go over fine. And thus the day was saved and from then on the myth of the two party solution was born!