SEL Cheese Souffle

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updated 2021

SEL Cheese Souffle

Erowid Product Development Department Variant: epsilon Erowid Cheese Souffel

Servings: 6 Recommendations: Should be served with salad as a major accompaniment, with a strong vinegary or citrusy dressing, which goes well with this recipe. See SEL Salad Dressing.


Loaf of sourdough bread (8 large slices)
10-16 oz sharp cheddar
2.5 cups milk
3 eggs
1 tsp dry mustard
1 tsp salt
Pinch of sweet (very mild) red chile powder

2017 November Test: Added cooked wild rice to 1/5th of the double recipe and that part was good.


8 slices sourdough bread, buttered and cubed.

Alternate layers of bread and grated cheese.

Mix milk, beaten eggs, mustard, salt. Place in refrigerator overnight (or 8 hours). Dust with red chile powder.

Bake uncovered 350F with pan of water for humidity, 60 minutes.

  • Note that the larger the surface area, the more yummy, yummy crust there is.

Crunchier Variant
Toast bread before buttering, reduces fluffiness of souffle.

Unsuffle Variant : Erowid Cheese Souffel

For snacky squares for parties, much less souffle-y but better for finger food.

  • Toast bread before buttering
  • Toss bread with egg & milk mixture, let sit in bowl 15 minutes, toss again, let sit 15-60 minutes.
  • Lay in a single layer on a walled cookie sheet or brownie pan, 1-2.5" thick.
  • 2017 barncliff: 350 was too low, try 425F fo 60minutes
  • Bake 60 minutes at 350, no pan of water.
  • Cool 30 minutes, cut into squares.
  • Reheat later at party if necessary in oven or toaster.

2017: Nov 24: 00:00 60 m at 350 in this oven browned it but it was undercooked. upping temp on this oven and adding 30 minutes.

2017 11 24 02 14 01 thanksgiving birthday cheese souffel ac7a7320 med.jpg

Sel cheese souffle1.jpg

Sel cheese souffle2.jpg

Sel cheese souffle3.jpg

Half Cooked For Transport Test

December 2014, attempted to do a half cook for transport to another location the next day. Cooked for 20 minutes at 350 with water bath tray. Wants another 20 at 350 to finish and brown, I think. Pre-cook worked fine, except the oven needed to be totally hot and really a full 25-30 minutes would be necessary to get it to the right fully melty temperature.


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